MAIN AIR Main Air is a phrase well understood by Kelantanese. Rainy season is not necessarily a season of agonised living, hardship and misery. Kelantanese have accepted these seasonal changes and adapted seamlessly to their change. So when rain starts, it is a time for Main Air. And mind you, main air is not just … Continue reading MAIN AIR


PRELUDE In this posting, I will not be focusing on any particular aspect of Kampung Life but rather taking as a whole and highlighting the memorable activities and happenings during my growing up period at Kg Tangok, Bachok, Kelantan. KERAK NNISAN Aiyyyaa.. This is not translatable. Whatever, a good story must go on. Kerak Manisan … Continue reading FLASHES OF KAMPUNG LIFE


PRELUDE In the posting before this I had introduced Kg.Tangok from where I spent the growing up period of my life, its location and people, the advent of modernisation and how we tried to cope balancing between the kampung activities, chores, gamings and education. Let me continue from there into Part 2. GAMINGS NNUSUK The … Continue reading KAMPUNG GAMINGS Part 2


KAMPUNG GAMINGS PART 1 (borrowed form Adib's photo blog) (From Ismail Kadir paintings) MODERNISATION VS KAMPUNGSATION Living in a kampung may sound like living a backward lifestyle, far removed from the modernisation and its diversity and pace, always behind and always trying to catch up. Such a living, forever on the run trying to be … Continue reading KAMPUNG GAMINGS PART 1